Branding Works

A brand without a story and a voice is like a voice of a choir singer - important but lost in the chorus. We help your brand stand out with thoughtful dialogue with your target audiences. What compels a consumer to pick you over a plethora of choices available in your market category? Their decision is is largely based on how you make them feel. Our job is to understand the pulse of your customers, and to align your identity with the expectations of your target audiences.



There’s nothing so beautiful as taking a static design to the next level and setting it in motion. In collaboration with sound designers we reach exceptional results that will add a whole new dimension to your project.


Despite the hype and breakthroughs in technology, VR/AR is still not compatible across devices and relies on large app downloads to display content. At Jungle Square, we believe that a VR/AR experience should be as simple to share as a YouTube video, making deployment across your organization as easy as possible. With this in mind, we create highly immersive VR/AR experiences for some of the world’s largest companies, hosted on our versatile mass reach platform.


A compelling digital presence is essential for every business and organisation. Your website or app is where your customers go to do tasks relating to your brand. Building a website or app involves more than visual and functional elegance. The structure of the website or app has to move customers, and motivate them to take desirable actions!The Next Big Thing provides full stack web development. Our templates use responsive formatting suitable for both mobile and desktop layouts. Our websites are crisp and minimalist, with a uniform theme and CSS. We build both dynamic single page, and multi-page, websites.

Marketing Strategy

As of today, anyone with a social media account has themselves a permanent seat at the marketing table. Social media works because most buyers base their decisions online authenticity and popularity of their option. We help you use it like a magnet to draw customers into the buyer’s cycle.