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Key Capabilities
➔ Brand Strategy & Positioning

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”-Jeff Bezos.

Aptly put by Jeff Bezos, it is critical for companies to consistently position their brand right. We at Jungle Square, a result-oriented creative digital studio, has been helping our partners to not only come up with the right strategy that matches the brand positioning needs but also in executing them suitable. With a pulse on what the target audience might want, all our solutions for our partners are based on research and insights that help in striking a chord with the consumers and leaving being an everlasting impression in their minds. From brand naming and creation to brand messaging to brand standards and usage guidelines, we deliver the A to Z of brand strategy and positioning. With one eye always on what the competition is offering, we ensure that your brand stands out distinctively in the market while balancing the value of your brand. With years of expertise working with various leading brands, we add just the right amount of magic to deliver the right emotion in the audience’s mind. Whether you an ambitious startup looking to make a big splash in the market or an established brand wanting to create a winning story for their brand, our team of industry experts can help create just the right account for you and your brand. Creating brand assets that strike the right chord amongst the target audience, our team of marketing experts work thoroughly and tirelessly to communicate your brand story effectively and ensure your brand stands out distinctively. Let’s connect to begin your brand positioning story. 

➔ Brand Voice & Content Tone

Dress the way you would like to be addressed, so they say. Together with our team comprising of some of the best marketing brains, we help dress-up your brand to communicate just the right image, personality and message you would like to display for your brand. By helping get just the right balance of brand voice and content tone in your brand’s communication, we create a lasting impression about your brand in your customer’s mind. This, in turn, also helps build trust in the target audience’s mind about your brand. Using a mix of images, colour elements, logo design and other branding elements, we ensure your brand makes that critical connection with the audience in this extremely competitive landscape. When the right tone of voice is used for a brand’s communication, it personifies and expresses the brand’s personality and set of values. Understanding that a brand’s tone of voice should be exclusive and unique, it is critical to utilise right the three C’s of brand voice- culture, community, and conversation. A good brand voice can turn a faceless company into a brand. To make headway, however, we first help decide what you want to say and then how to communicate. For a successful brand image, it is essential to remember that voice is the brand personality and technique is the flavour of your voice. As rightly stated by an American author Maya Angelou, “People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel.”

➔ Integrated Campaigns

“Integrated marketing communications are a way to examine the entire marketing process from the point of view of the receiver.”- Philip Kotler.

Making use of multiple channels of marketing, that could be traditional as well as technological media, these campaigns need to be really thought through, especially keeping in mind the what the customer would like to see. In today’s open-information era, where technology rules, we help our partners connect with a broader spectrum of the audience through integrated campaigns. Utilising multiple marketing channels to work in tandem, we help our partners promote their products and services to their target audience while also helping them share their brand message successfully. With some of the most powerful marketing minds in our team, we help strike the perfect balance between the traditional media as well as the technological media to ensure that your brand stays on top-of-mind of your customer. With synchronised communication of a standard component on multiple channels, this strategy helps not only to improve conversions, but it also helps build trust with constant subtle reminders about the brand to the customers. What’s more, by sharing and repurposing various assets for different marketing channels, these campaigns also help save money. With a team that specialises in Integrated campaigns, we not only ensure that all channels work towards one common campaign goal for the drives to be successful, we also make it measurable and objective oriented to prove the success of the campaign for you.

➔ Social Campaigns / SEO / Paid Ads

“Today it’s not about getting the traffic- it’s about getting the targeted and relevant traffic”.

This observation by Adam Audette sounds so simple, yet it is one of the most potent and relevant quotes on SEO. In this digital age, where social media campaigns and digital advertisements rule the roost, getting your SEO and paid ads spot-on is the most critical aspect of marketing. You may have the marketing dollars to spend. However, we can help you maximise the returns out of your marketing spends. It is no more about how much money you can spend on marketing but more about how impactful and useful can you make your campaigns. With some of the greatest marketing minds working on your marketing campaigns that are both compelling and entertaining, we help you engage with your audience. Not only does this help form a personal bond with your audience, but this also helps build trust in their minds and contributes towards better sales. With years of cumulated experience in understanding what the audience wants, our team of experts can guide you on the right strategy for all your social campaigns, help with the apt keywords of search engine optimisation (SEO) and even suggest the ideal platforms to purchase paid ads on. With more and more consumers switching to smartphones for any and every digital content, all brands must approach a 360° view for digital marketing to ensure maximum reach to the target audience and stay a step ahead of your competition, always.

➔ Website & Mobile Experiences

“In today’s modern world, people are either asleep or connected”. These words from Janice H. Reinold best summarises why it is incredibly critical to get your website and mobile experience right. For a modern individual of this era, expecting a fast and flawless high-quality web experience is a fundamental requirement. Regardless of the device, location, browser, or network, every time the consumer is engaging with a brand, be it on the consumer website, business app, mobile site, or mobile app, users want a flawless experience. Be it website, e-commerce platforms, or social networking apps, we have done it all and are hungry for more significant challenges. While there may be many players out in the market claiming they can create the best website or mobile app, the experience we offer to your customers are experiences that are easy to navigate, functional and aesthetically appealing. Comprising of some of the most brilliant marketing minds available, our team of experts believe in creating a delightful experience for your users. From wireframing to designing information architecture to even envisioning and creating a seamless UI and UX from your customers point of view, we have it all covered for you. With the cut-throat competition out in the market, easy and free-flowing information is always available at the consumer’s fingertip, our team of marketing experts understand and work seamlessly to ensure that we surpass your customer’s expectations on the website and mobile experiences.

➔ 2D / 3D Videos

“The beauty of developing a video marketing plan is that you are making it easier for the viewer to be exposed to the information you are trying to communicate.” – Chris Sandoval.

Not only are videos visually more potent than text-based content, but they also help augment sales, offer a much better conversion rate and drive better leads for the company. With the advancement of technology and desire to address the consumers, the trends are slowly moving from 2D videos to 3D and beyond where the object can even be rotated to a 360-degree dimension. With a world-class marketing team, together with some of the best creating minds working on your marketing campaigns, we help craft memorable stories that are focused on communicating your brand’s message. From crafting stories to scripting to production to even animation, we have it all covered for you. All we need is your story that you would like to speak about with your customers, and we shall take care of the rest. With expertise in branding as well as storytelling, we ensure that your video’s strike the right chord in your consumer’s heart. All this while we were always painting the right personality of the brand. Why should you go for 2D/3D videos? The answer lies in this quote from Robert Weiss, “Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.”

➔ Print

“The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” – Howard Luck Gossage.

Perhaps this is why we consider advertising as both art and science. In the age of digital advertising, we believe that print is still an essential medium for advertising and goes hand-in-hand with digital for maximum coverage in communicating your story, be it about your brand or your product and services. From magazines to newspapers to billboards in strategic locations across geography, we have all of these covered and more. With our team that is always hungry to do better, no wonder our campaigns for partners are still easy-on-the-eye yet powerful enough to ensure engagement with your client. With brand identity and brand communication in the core of all our communication for you, we provide that the visual identity of your brand remains intact no matter how many ever campaigns we create and run for you. Traditionally, reading on paper is slower and more profound, leading to better recall, more focused with less distraction. Print advertising infiltrates consumer awareness and leads to consumer action. Bigger is better when it comes to print ads to help engage with the ad content, especially when we couple it with strategic positioning. Print ads from Jungle Square will definitely nudge your consumers towards the purchase journey.

➔ Infographics & Illustration

Fun fact: did you know that a normal human brain can process visuals about 60000 times faster than text (so we read in some research papers)?

No surprise that a well designed and directed infographics are still one of the best ways to increase engagement. A graphical way that represents information or data created to explain specific data or a sequence of facts and insights, infographics are real masters at grabbing a consumer’s attention. Words are powerful, but pictures invigorate. When curated perfectly, they not only convey the meaning for the data, they even make complex content understandable. We work on infographics that use visual vehicles to simplify and clarify the more detailed scope. Infographics have become so popular in content marketing as they allow statistics to be expressed clearly. Empowered with the knowledge on what makes a great infographic through years of experience working with various brands, we help simplify data for you and package the same in infographics as how your consumer would want them. The presentation that merges with a set theme of the campaign, attractive descriptions that synchronise with the text and images that depict ideas in the most hilarious and humorous ways are just some ways we set your brand’s communication to stand out. Glad to connect and create communication that not only sinks quickly into your audience’s minds but stays longer too.

➔ Campaign Planning

Benjamin Franklin had once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.

Just as an army needs to plan extensively before and during a war, a campaign that is a focused short term communication aimed towards a defined target, requires similar effort, if not more. A specialised activity, campaign planning usually involves coordination between multiple moves and involves resources, both monetary as well as time. Do not fret for any of the campaigns you might have coming up for we have just the right mix of people, who can not only design campaigns to accomplish your specific business goals for you but also take care of its successful execution. We understand that any campaign that should align with your marketing and business plan, our team of experts carefully research and use a variety of media resources to execute the same. Understanding your business and marketing goals is our primary objective before we even get involved with campaign planning. Together with the insight on what the customers want, we always use simple, relevant, and impactful words to reach out undoubtedly. Needless to say, we also monitor and analyse what’s working and what isn’t throughout the campaign and make improvements accordingly to ensure success. From understanding your final objective from the drive to identifying the target audience to goal creation and its measurements, we cover all bases and share the progress of the planning at each stage of completion of plans to ensure success. Each marketing campaign that we create requires different measures of planning and strategising and, with our marketers who expertise in campaign planning, we are more than prepared to take this off your shoulders.

➔ Technology / Development

“Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.”- Tony Zambito.

This quote from Tony Zambito is one of our favourites and extremely relevant for all marketers. Today, establishments are using technology-driven marketing to take their brands to new levels. We believe and recommend technology as an essential and strategic tool, significantly affects modern marketing, helping businesses grow and prosper. Using technology’s unprecedented ability to communicate with target markets, we have helped various companies across the geographies to craft their advertising strategies. From new advertising channels to better ways of communicating with the customers, we help extract the maximum out of technology to ensure that our clients and their customers always wins. Using technology, we have transformed marketing campaigns into a personalised and immersive experience for our clients. Hungry for ascertaining success for our clients, our team is constantly on the lookout for changes taking place in the technology ecosystem and adopting the same. Adapting our strategies to ensure we capitalise on everything. Be it for the collection of data points related to marketing strategy, customer insights, communication or even better distribution, technology has always been an integral ingredient in all of our marketing strategies. Technology allows us to create more effective and impressive ads for television, print, radio and the web. Enhancements in computer animation and special effects help create natural settings, characters, and action. Talk to us today if you too would like us to design visual messages that appeal personally to your specific consumer groups.

➔ Digital Insights & Analysis

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it” These words of wisdom by George Santayana has been and will always remain our primary rule for anything we do. A firm believer in learning from our past campaigns, these digital marketing insights and analytics are an extremely potent tool in our marketing arsenal. Years of working with the best of the best brands across geographies have taught us that a company can grow and drive business only when they adopt and understand their consumer insights and translate it into practical action. There are plenty of signals that can be gathered through the digital footprint left behind by the consumer in today’s digital age that is extremely critical for any marketing team. We treat these insights as a business asset that can help determine the path needed to win, serve, and retain customers. When backed by data, even the hardest of the company leadership can be compelled to follow the suggested path the company may need to take to win the customer over. Armed with the insights into consumers, we not only help our clients to innovate but also to develop and maintain products. Insights are what help us design marketing strategies that have always been winners for our clients. From designing effective value proposition strategies, segmentation, branding, product design, pricing, and customer experiences, every decision of ours is based on digital insights from our past experiences. Besides assisting brands in developing customer-lifecycle management strategies, we also help optimise marketing spends using these digital insights, contributing to the highest return on their marketing investments for our clients. Connect with us if you too would like us to design your data-oriented marketing strategies and campaigns.

➔ Brand Outlook

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business” – This quote by Steve Forbes stands true for any business even today. Branding is an accurate reflection of people’s perception and reputation of the company and its people. For this reason, we want to create the right brand outlook that is the most challenging yet most critical responsibility for brand managers and entrepreneurs alike. Comprising of a combination of various factors like the value you offer, your visual presence, ability to serve, relevance, etc., it is essential to use these factors well to get a positive brand outlook. A positive brand outlook helps consumers not only recognize a brand, but it also allows them to trust the brand and really relate to it. Jungle Square’s positive brand outlook leads to building a brand’s equity amongst the customers, assisting in its success and the brand. The brand outlook, unfortunately, is also a recurring requirement in today’s technological day and age. With digital media, where information travels faster than light, one wrong step could ruin years of hard work in building a positive brand outlook in the market. 

Three essential elements that help identify and execute the brand outlook. The most important one in creating a prosperous brand outlook and knowing your brand. Besides this, it is also critical to understand who the target customers are and identifying the brand’s excellent communication. Finally, the third essential element is communicating clearly with the customers on what you want the customer to see your brand and what kind of association you want the customer to have with your brand.

➔ Ideation

Quoting Linus Pauling “ the best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas”. A true believer in this ideology, understanding our client’s needs in details together with brainstorming on ideas with the client teams is first and most critical priority with our team of marketing experts. With years of experience in the field of branding and marketing, we believe that magic can only be created when you bring together various perspectives and strengths in a judgement-free zone and uncover unexpected areas of innovation. During ideation, one questions the obvious to redefine existing solutions, approaches, and beliefs. Key to any successful ideation process, fundamental is to understand all that one needs to know about the client, their competitive environment and the problems for which they are seeking solutions. Once identified and clearly defined, it becomes easier to come up with out-of-the-box ideas that can help achieve the goals you would like to accomplish during the ideation stage. With innovation being a key ingredient during our ideation sessions, together with our client, we develop creative and fresh ideas, venturing beyond the apparent, tried, and tested solutions. Depending on what the situation demands, we are open to exploring any or all of the top ideation techniques, including, but not limiting to, analogy, brainstorming, brainwriting, mind mapping, and storyboarding. When it comes to ideation, we understand and believe that there is no bad idea. Remember, it is super critical to capture everything, and it is always quantity over quality.

➔ Product Launches

“The best way to get started is to quit talking and start doing”- Walt Disney. 

Simpler said than done, a product launch is a planned and coordinated endeavour to bring a new product to the market and make it available. Developing a great product alone is never enough in today’s competitive environment. If not executed well and thought through while planning the product launch, even the most excellent product can make a deep dent into the profitability of any company.  What used to be only physical products a few years back, our team of marketing experts today are helping brands launch not only their physical products but also virtual and digital products. Product launch is a step-by-step process to launch your product, service, book, or business with maximum success. Planned around a long list of undertaking activities like listing all critical dates and milestones, including product availability, name, positioning, and press activities, etc., we love (and strongly recommend) to start on the launch activity at least 6 months before the product is actually ready to hit the shop floor. Focused on brand growth and consumer acceptance, our team of experts help you identify the product’s critical features, including functions and system requirements and ensure these become a crucial cog in the entire product launch campaign. Depending upon the requirements of our clients, we can take up any kind of product launch campaign to suit your needs, soft launch, minimal launch, or full-scale launch.

➔ Branded Content

Think of branded content and the first name that comes to mind is the box office hit The Lego Movie. So popular and a hit was the movie that, despite primarily created for customer’s entertainment, the brand witnessed a considerable increase in their brand awareness. What’s more, in 2015 alone, the company saw an increase in sales by about 25%. That’s the power branded marketing holds when one get’s it right. A form of marketing usually used to grab the attention of the consumer and to drive better engagement, care should be taken to ensure that the content is not used to sell any product or services. With the content usually produced or funded by the brand, we help ensure that this money is put to proper use and help execute the entire brand content to match the consumer’s requirement. Be it podcasts, videos, articles, or even live elements that the brand would like to use for its brand content, we have the right expertise to ensure that the brand strikes the right chord amongst its target audience. With a deep understanding of the nuances of brand content, we help design the scope for entertaining or teaching the consumer and never selling any product or service, thus resulting in a better brand connection. With a cumulative marketing experience of many years, our team understands what is needed to deliver the right branded content. When it comes to branded content, its always good to remember these words from Drew Davis – “Branded content is created for a company. A content brand is created for a valuable company.”

➔ Immersive Experiences

In October 2016 Tim Cook said “I do think that a significant portion of the population of developed countries, and eventually all countries, will have AR experiences every day, almost like eating three meals a day. It will become that much a part of you.”

As suggested by Tim Cook and many other market leaders, immersive technology is increasingly being used in our daily lives today. From architecture, education, travel industry, automobile, gaming, or even healthcare, immersive experience is slowly taking over and contributing extensively to these industries’ building and growth. With the ability to involve and connect better with customers, we help our clients not only to adopt these experiences but also to conceptualise and execute them successfully. From 360° view to Virtual reality to Augmented reality to even mixed reality, we have it all covered for you. With years of cumulative experience under our belt, we understand what the consumer wants. Together with the technological know-how and armed with the market knowledge, we help curate an immersive experience that not only has the power to win the consumer over, but also those which stay within the brand guidelines and communicating what’s within your brand strategy. From bold and funky to soft and silky, we help execute any experience you would like to create without any demographic barrier or platform constraint.

➔ Corporate / Explainer Videos

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million pictures”.

Easy to understand, entertaining, and extremely engaging, videos are loved by marketers and consumers alike. Considered by various search engines like Google, Bing, and the likes while ranking websites, it is a no surprise that various companies ensure they post their corporate video’s on their website for enhancing their site ranking. Not only do pictures speak louder with the customers, they are, in many cases, also rewarding for brands for increasing their direct bottom line as well as for keeping the customers engaged on their platform. Various studies have even shown that companies experience up to 80% increase in their conversions by adding an explainer video on their home page. Similarly, studies have also shown that more than 70% of consumers purchased a product once they viewed the explainer video. With a creative team to boast of, we not only can help you in ideating but also in producing and executing the same for maximum impact. Easy on the eyes, simple enough to understand, extremely convenient to circulate, we certainly know what it takes to communicate your brand story with your customers. Be it your corporate overview video, brand promotion videos, product explanation videos, videos for staff training and safety, investor relations and shareholder videos, market updates, product videos, or even customer testimonial videos, we have this and many more covered for you. Short, crisp, yet smart enough to shout out your message loud and clear, our videos can be shared easily as blogs, newsletters, and press releases. Do we need to give you more reasons to connect with our team for all of your video essentials?

➔ Brochure & Packaging Design

Lao Tzu. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Considering the mad rush for digital branding and marketing consumers experience in today’s information-overload-age, you would be surprised at the kind of results the humble brochure and packaging design, when crafted smartly, can bring about. Usually used for targeting in specific segments, localities, brochures, when designed keeping in mind what the customer would want to see, contribute immensely not just to connect with the brand, they are also a great source to communicate about your brand and lead to higher sales. With years of technical experience, we help you create magic with just a little splatter of creative colours along with a well-thought communication strategy for your packaging design and brochures. With a plethora of options to choose from, it is critical to capture the audience’s attention within their first look. Not only does an elegantly designed brochure and packaging design ascertain this, but they also help build a brand’s image in a consumer’s mind and even induce a degree of trust about the brand. Easy to distribute and usually cost-effective, they are one of the most cost-effective means to personify your business in a consumer’s mind. With considerations towards sustainability together with environmental responsibility, your brand gains environmental brownie points as well. We are thrilled to collaborate with you to help you stand out from the rest in this already competitive domain of yours.

➔ Websites / UI / UX

Quoting Aaron Patzer, founder of mint.com “…People do make judgments of trust on appearance – in the real world and online.”

Website design is not only about making things look pretty, but about problem-solving, communication, and most importantly, people. A good website is one where people can navigate seamlessly to find what they are looking for. When we say that if your site makes customers wait, the customer will make you wait for their money, we are not joking. A fascinating observation made by Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot, states “In my experience, too many small business owners either spend too little on their website (and hence miss an important opportunity to leverage the Internet) or they spend too much in the wrong places.” We believe a website should be designed as if it is actually a person who carries the personality of the company and brand. Websites are a great medium for companies to improve their sales as well as for connecting with more customers. It is an identity of your brand that contributes extensively towards building a relationship with your customers. While everyone understands the two pillars for building a website, user experience (UX) is the architecture-planning structure, while user interface (UI) is the interior design-style, colour, look, and feel, it requires expertise to get the ingredients right for a successful website. With years of experience working with various leading brands across location, our team of experts are here to help with your needs for creating a winning website for you that your customers would be able to relate to. We ensure our UI specialises in how users interact with the systems, including pop-up, chat, and error windows.

➔ Content Strategy + Creation

If you form a strategy without research, your brand will barely float and at the speed that industries progress today, brands sink faster. – Ryan Holmes.

A key ingredient with organizations for transforming business objectives and goals also need a plan on using content. Content strategy requires in-depth research, a thorough understanding of what your customers want together with what the competition offers. With a deep background in content and marketing alike, our team understands that content is created in different formats for different channels to publish. We believe that knowing the target audience will only help produce relevant and valuable content for your brand. With years of pertinent experience backing us, we ensure that the content created not only stands out, but it is also unique, has a distinct voice, and offers genuine value to readers. Not only does this help establish a strong connection with your customers, but this also ensures that your content is never lost and always stay relevant. A fair warning, though, creating and posting all your content can be an intimidating task. Audience parameters need to be re-assessed every year for growing your audience database. Requiring specific expertise and skillsets for content strategy creation, we are happy to take over the responsibility on your behalf so you can focus on other business activities. With a team that boasts of some of the best marketing brains available, we create content that not only connects with your audience but also influences their purchasing decisions and also focuses on their retention. Let’s connect to start working on your content strategy today.

➔ Communications & Content Strategy

Two sides of the same coin, we believe both communication and content strategy is critical for any business. The corporate communications strategy is designed to communicate with the companies on positioning and business goals. Content strategy is the deployment of an editorial to take the communications strategy forward. With a team that brings years of experience working on content and communication strategy to the table, we ensure we optimise both the sides of the coin for the benefit of our clients and ascertain that the content strategy describes the elements used with a focus on how content is crafted. Did you know that content strategy also decides what works and what doesn’t? This requires development, testing, crafting, and appropriate approvals, our team of experts ensure these are done right for you. Using content strategy, we help improve marketing and product visibility while integrating with other content and data sources. A communication strategy is a light beam that shows you how to approach your audience and communicate with them. Communication strategy is used to measure success by checking if you have achieved the business goals. Through our professional services, we ensure that the communication strategy we design reflects the overall organisational plan and the critical message that the organisation wants to convey. It sets the tone and direction so that all communication activities work in harmony to achieve the desired change. Willing to work on it as long as it takes, we understand that developing a communication strategy, depending on the strategy’s scope, may even take a few months to finalise. A firm understanding of all of the factors forms the foundation for the communication strategy to be sufficient. We yearn to connect to understand your communication strategy needs better.

➔ Web Design & Development

“There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”– Milton Glaser. 

With a team who is the best in the industry, it is no wonder that we have delivered the “WOW” consistently. Be it social networking pages or e-commerce or even presence websites, we know what it takes to make them useful. Keeping in mind what the client’s objective is out of the website, our designers get to work on the wireframe before we get to the actual web designing. Incorporating elements of continuity, balance as well as contrast, we also ensure that all aspects of the website layout sync together and compliment each other. All this while taking care that the output is not just matching the client’s expectations but also excelling in customer experience. Once approved, our engineers get working to execute the design into the website. With years of experience in web designing and development, our work will ensure that the website is optimised for push marketing and is SEO friendly. With branding and marketing in our DNA, we build websites that are both marketing-friendly as well as sales-friendly with content that captivates the consumers visiting the page. Designed to ensure a smooth transition from segment to segment, we ensure that a consumer easily navigates right from the time they land on the page until they complete the payment and checkout. Write to us today for all of your WOW web designing and development requirements.